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Liz and Kevin had a baby girl on November 4th, 2003! Keep an eye on this website to see pictures, stories, and much more!
Sydney Rebekah
Sydney Rebekah
Sydney Rebekah
Sydney Rebekah
Sydney Rebekah
Liz and Kevin smiling

Welcome Sydney Rebekah Hass!
November 4, 2003

Sydney Rebekah Hass made her way into the world on November 4, 2003.

Adorned with long, luxurious red hair, and weighing seven pounds, twelve ounces, Sydney Rebekah wasted no time in displaying great lung-power. While giving Sydney her first bath, a nurse commented that for a baby, she was uncommonly strong. Kevin happily relates that her fingers and toes are quite long, her body is tall: 20 1/4 inches, and her face, at least so far, resembles his.

Both mom and baby are resting comfortably.

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Haiku Contest
November, 2003

We are hoping that you can reach deep within yourself to find the inner poet we all know is there and write some Sydney Rebekah Haiku.

As you may know, Haiku has been used for centuries to illustrate a single poignant moment or thought experienced by a traveler and is characterized by three lines of poetry with 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively. Haiku can be humorous, and often features a description of a single sound, moment, or emotion.

Send your Sydney Rebekah haiku to:

Here are some sample haiku to get you started:

Sydney Rebekah,
one thing I have always had,
I pray you find too.

May you find a friend,
as your mom has been for me,
with whom to grow young.

May you find a friend,
as your mother is for me,
with whom to dream big.

May you find a friend,
as your mama is to me,
with whom to love life.

I'm certain you will,
for you have a true example.
She's my dear friend, Liz.
-- Jeannette Allen

Small, pink, beautiful.
Admired by all who see -
"She rules the nursery!"
-- Aunt Linda

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Baby News

Heading Home

  • Sydney proved quite coy in response to initial ultrasound scans, but doctors were able to identify the baby's gender on a second round.

  • Both parents were very quiet about possible baby names, but did agree that "Lilly White" wouldn't be the best choice.

  • Liz and Kevin had a bi-coastal series of baby showers, with activities in Seattle and Boston. Naturally, there were lots of photos.

Baby's First Reading List

We're so blessed to live in a family of book-readers! Baby's First Library is receiving many generous donations. This made us wonder, what books would you recommend to new parents? We thought we'd provide an opportunity for you to suggest a book that you find moving, fun, or essential. Make sure to tell us why you like the book! More...