Advice for Sydney
Wise friends say...

You've been around the block a few times- what advice would you give Sydney Rebekah? What tips and tricks have you learned along the way through life? Send your advice to:

Friends and Family say:

"A 'mini M&Ms' container makes a great quarter holder for your car."

"When you're thirteen, a mix-tape is a great way to tell people what you're all about."

"Stay alert when you get to Kindergarten- apparently everything you need to know in life will be revealed that year."

"It's better to be on stage, living and dying, than in the audience yawning and dozing."

Famous People Said...

"Never complain about wanting to get power converters...It makes you look foolish."
-- Star Wars wisdom

"Your being stronger or faster has nothing to do with your muscles in this place...and no, that's not air you're breathing."
-- The Matrix wisdom

"Pessimists use fate as an excuse. Optimists know fate is no more than and no less than a synthesis of all the decisions you make in life. Plan accordingly - be an optimist."
-- John Adams