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Neonatal Nursery

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Coming Home

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Hangin' Out

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Neonatal Nursery
Coming Home
Home Safe
Hangin' Out
Tony's Graduation
Many Moods of Owen
Life With Owen

The Process

Through an intricate application of the most sophisticated diaper technology and the repeated use of milk, MIke and Maren have been able to gain access to Owen's most intimate thoughts on life, the universe, and well, everything. Interpreting his thoughts requires dedication, focus, and a lot of hours on the changing table, but we think you'll agree it's worth it. Here, for your edification, is Owen's weblog (blog).


Day 01: 1500 hours
Mr. Thumb didn't say it would be like this.

He alluded to the impending change, hinted at the grandeur - but the scale of it all. My god- what have I fallen into?

I thought I knew my world- I knew it as I knew myself, every rounded, pulsing finger-length of space! But this- this is not the darkness of my home!

Day 01: 1501 hours
I begin to doubt my sanity. I cling to the words of Sartre: "Burn baby burn, for tonight the world is ours." The words that comforted me so well just hours ago- they strain to make me happy.

I feel an . . . emptiness around me. As if the world no longer compresses me in its fist. The emptiness is overwhelming- as if, unbidden, the universe had doubled in size, tripled against all reason! I must be strong. I must confront the question I am afraid to ask: if the world is so different- am I the same? On what scale do I know myself?

Is this hubris?

Where can I turn? Camus, Hemingway, not even Rilke prepared me for this difference I feel inside me. Oh friends, why did you not warn me? This emptiness within, as if the universe contained a substance, somewhere, that I lack, the imbibing of which will bring wholeness and peace. But what? How shall I find it?

Day 01: 1502 hours
Am I going mad?

Day 01: 1506 hours
Fell asleep again. Why does this keep happening to me?

Day 01: 1508 hours
Breathing in. Breathing out. Focusing on this one thing- the intake, the outflow, the choice of whether to use Mr. Nose or Mr. Mouth. Making just this one thing my world for a time has made all the difference. If I can manage this, I can manage anything.

Day 01: 1510 hours
I have mastered this "breathing." It is if I had done it all my life. I amaze myself. And yet, stirring within me- the emptiness of . . . something. A hunger, I might say. But for what?

Day 01: 1511 hours
A most amazing thing has happened. Which surprises me anew to say, on this, a day of unimaginable surprises. I . . . cannot describe it. Cannot begin to comprehend what has happened to me. I will attempt to regain my self and describe this wonder. It was just moments ago- I believed I would perhaps faint with the emptiness slightly to the south of Ms. Heart. When suddenly, against all understanding, an unstoppable force splayed my lips and forced a . . . something up against my gums! I must admit I panicked then, oh how I flailed and leapt! But to no avail- when suddenly, against my own wishes I found myself turning, and taking in the very substance I had been craving!

What wonderful life is this when the very answers to our most intimate fears cancel each other out? Leaving us in a langorous delirium, too drunk with pleasure to fight care's easy grasp? What insatiable, glorious world have I fallen into? Huzzah!

Day 01: 1515 hours
All this time I have been relating, attempting to describe to my friends, my companions, even to the most notorious Biggie Toe, what is happening to me. An attempt to explain this unexplainable, sudden existance of sensation and satiation. Yet all this time there has been a pressing. A pressing on my eyelids in a most unusual way. I am loathe to discuss it, lest my companions think me mad. Yet, I sense there is more- more to my eyelids than I ever suspected- a hidden power, if you will.

Dare I try it out?

I must.

I shall exercise this new will before me and I shall open my eyes.

Day 01: 1520 hours
My. Dear. Companions. It's all around me. Everything is all around me. Color. Sensation beyond description.

And it is glorious! Kind of fuzzy, but glorious!