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Neonatal Nursery
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The Haiku Challenge

Mike and Maren are hoping that you can reach deep within yourself to find the inner poet we all know is there and write some Owen Haiku.

As you may know, Haiku has been used for centuries to illustrate a single poignant moment or thought experienced by a traveler and is characterized by three lines of poetry with 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively. Haiku are frequently humorous, and often feature a description of a single sound or emotion.

Please email submissions to: michael.chiu@alum.mit.edu.

Owen Haiku

Shedding happy tears.
My heart is bursting with joy,
For the three of you!
-- Debra Sumner

tiny little babe
Owen is so sweet but he's
got his daddy's feet
-- Auntie Tenely

Owen Martin Chiu
Two nights before Christmas day
Opened anyway.
-- Chris Hass

Climbing Mount Auburn,
Post-birth, will it all be new?
Sharp intake of breath.
-- Chris Hass

Owen needs a kilt!!!
His name means this in Scotland:
"Born from the yew tree"?????!!!!!!!
-- Erika Smith

Santa is grateful
Hospitals have big chimneys,
Owen fit right through!
-- Chris Hass

Twelve, three, six, and nine
Loud grunts echo down Kidder
Hungry Homer eats.
-- Kirsten Almo

Sweet cousin Owen
I cannot wait to meet you
And give you big hugs.
-- Zoe (as translated by her mommy)

What shall be foretold?
for Owen born into a
palindromic year
-- Gretchen Grozier

Owen, this is tough
Howell doesn't do Haiku
Maybe I'll win "worst"
-- Auntie Tenely

Maren, Mike, Owen.
This gift was given to me.
New grandson, Welcome!
-- Audrey Almo

Why do they say that
a diaper leak or spit up
is so darn lucky?
-- Gretchen Grozier

Newborn baby boy
looking peaceful, beautiful
oh, how you are loved
-- Auntie Tenely

Owen Martin Chiu
born December twenty-third
snow falling softly
-- Gretchen Grozier

A Prayer for Owen Chiu
it almost sounds like it could
be a book title
-- Gretchen Grozier

with true majesty
hail, the Prince of Kidder Ave
and long may he reign
-- Gretchen Grozier

Simple precautions,
The cooing sensors make up
Owen's first tool belt.
- Chris Hass

Is there another
Gift besides a baby that
Opens itself on Christmas?
- Chris Hass

Sleepful stirrings- who
knows the shape of baby dreams?
Maren holds him tight.
- Chris Hass

Startled Owen sees
His home is still in progress,
A small lip trembles.
- Chris Hass

Proud parent falls back,
Tired, happy, ready for long rest.
A website is born!
- Chris Hass

"Owen" is derived
From names "Eoghan" and "Eugene"
Some useless info
-- Erika Smith

such tiny, small fingers
and yet, killer fingernails
odd disparity
-- Gretchen Grozier

"Born from the yew tree"
Appropriate Scottish name
Christmas tree baby!
-- Erika Smith

Look at this highrise
Many tools before mine eyes
The snow quells the noise.
-- John Adams