Owen Martin Chiu: Two Proud Parents' Chronicle of a Newborn
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Neonatal Nursery

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Coming Home

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Home Safe

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Hangin' Out

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Photo Albums
Neonatal Nursery
Coming Home
Home Safe
Hangin' Out
Tony's Graduation
Many Moods of Owen
Life With Owen

Owen is born!

On December 23rd Maren and Mike Chiu became offical parents of Owen Martin Chiu at Mt. Auburn Hospital, Cambridge, MA. At birth Owen weighed in at a respectable 9 lbs, 14 ounces, and was 21 1/2" tall. In response to Owen's arrival, Mother Nature commemorated the birth by providing the first Christmas snowfall since 1974, covering the Boston area with nearly a foot of snow! Both Owen and Maren are now home, and doing fine.

Life With Owen

Every Friday Maren thinks back on the week with Owen and updates this weblog.

Week 21: May 2003

"Owen rolls non-stop now. I can't lay him down and leave the room anymore. He rolls and rolls and rolls and can make it across the room in seconds, usually aiming for the TV and stereo cords. It's time to babyproof!

He's been sleeping pretty well. I usually feed him before I go to bed around 11:00, and he sleeps until 5:30 or 6am. Sometimes he falls asleep after this feeding, and sometimes he's ready to play. He hasn't woken up between midnight and 5am in 2 weeks!"

-- Maren

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Role Models?

Though Owen will of course find his own path in life, it may be interesting to take a peek at some well-known figures who share his birthday. Which one might prove to be a guiding light?

  • 1971 - Corey Haim (actor)
  • 1964 - Eddie Vedder (singer/musician: Pearl Jam)
  • 1948 - Susan Lucci (actress)
  • 1943 - Harry Shearer (actor, writer, director, comedian)
  • 1933 - Akihito (Emperor of Japan)
  • 1885 - Vincent Sardi (restaurateur)

Got Advice?

You've been around a while, and you've learned some things. What advice can you give Owen to prepare him for what's ahead?

One wise soul wrote:

"Stay alert when you get to Kindergarten- apparently everything you need to know in life will be revealed that year."

"A 'mini-M&Ms'container makes a great quarter holder for your car."

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Haiku Contest!

Mike and Maren are hoping you will access your inner poet and write some Owen Haiku. This exciting new Somerville twist on the time-honored tradition of Haiku writing is sweeping the nation's poetry clubs and literary magazines.

Mike and Maren will award lavish prizes in the categories of "most moving," "funniest," "best" and "worst." Email your haiku to: michael.chiu@alum.mit.edu.

Owen Haiku

A fussy baby
A squirtgun in his diaper
Owen has good aim
-- Maren Chiu

Grandma Chiu is glad
Baby Owen you are here
Tall, smart, loved by all.
-- Grandma Chiu

Born with a good heart,
you'll be gentle and so smart,
play in life your part.
-- Grandma Chiu

Great-nephews like you
Aren't meant to make me feel old.
Rather, to feel LOVE.
-- GREAT-Auntie Rosie

Wind was a - blowin'
Outside it was a - snowin'
When we met Owen
-- Kathleen Veth

Winter in Boston.
The grass and trees lie dormant.
Nonetheless Owen blooms.
-- Jeanine Farley

A frigid winter
Owen wants to romp outside--
Kidder Avenue.
-- Jeanine Farley

The family tree
sometimes blossoms in winter--
Owen Martin Chiu.
-- Jeanine Farley

Black, brown and yellow
Gifts to mommy and daddy
So small, so poopy.
-- Kirsten Almo

Owen Martin Chiu
All he does is pee and poo
Change his diaper now
-- Tenely, Erika, and Nate Smith

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Whether they didn't know a thing about Haiku, or whether they were simply inspired to branch out into other time-honored forms of poetry, some of Owen's most dedicated fans have been sending in limericks!

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