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Neonatal Nursery

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Neonatal Nursery
Coming Home
Home Safe
Hangin' Out
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Whether they didn't know squat about Haiku, or whether they were simply inspired to branch out into other time-honored forms of poetry, some of Owen's most dedicated fans have been sending in limericks!

As you may know, the venerable limerick has been used for centuries by drunks and sailors to punctuate their most intimate thoughts. Limericks are known for their singsong meter and a rhyme pattern where the first, second, and fifth lines rhyme, and the third and fourth lines form a shorter, rhyming couplet. Limericks are also famous for being the only recognized art form to popularize the word "Nantucket."

Please email limerick submissions to: michael.chiu@alum.mit.edu.

Limericks for Owen

There once was a boy from the 'Ville
Who wiggled and wouldn't stay still
One day on his face
A smile took its place
To his parents it gave a big thrill!
-- Maren

There once was a baby named Owen,
Whose feet through the blanket were showin',
We quickly repaired,
And then when we stared,
Those feet that we'd seen now were toes in!
-- Great Uncle Dennis Murphy

Note: The following limerick was submitted as a haiku. We suspect the poet was simply trying to fail spectacularly enough at the haiku contest to win the prize for "worst haiku." Then again, maybe not. We're still not sure what the heck to do about it.

I know a young baby named Owen.
When born, his pa couldn't stop crowin'.
For fatherly pride
brought a smile great and wide.
Ever since, the lad's growin' and growin'.
-- Frank Farley

There once was a baby named Owen.
Huge bubbles he always was blowin'.
One took him up high
In a blink of an eye,
And, like the bubbles, this tale has been growin'.
-- GREAT-auntie Rosie

Owen has a bad habit, please pardon:
Leaving presents that smell as they harden.
The boy sure likes to poo,
But what can you do-
Short of holding him over the garden?
- Chris Hass

There once was a baby named Owen
With two feet that couldn't stop growin'.
In the words of his nanny,
"It's a darned sight uncanny!
You could float that boy's shoe and go rowin'!"
- Chris Hass

Owen was as bright as you'd like,
Till a horror befell the wee tyke!
It wasn't a fable
He fell off the table
And now he's just smarter than Mike!
- Chris Hass

Note: Owen did not in fact fall off the table. This poet is clearly "on the Mary Jane." But Owen probably is smarter than Mike. After all, he's got Maren's genes too.

Maren's a stoic young lass
Made up of nothing but class
But if Owen let out a burp
Instead of a chirp
She'd spend less time patting his [buns].
- Chris Hass

Give Mike a hammer and whoa!
The house will look better, you know?
But try to hand him a tyke
He takes off on his bike
And sequesters himself in Home Depot.
- Chris Hass

What's hard about raising a baby?
It's simple! Straightforward! It's gravy!
If it stops being easy,
And I find myself queasy,
I'll just ship him off to the Navy!
- Chris Hass