Wedding Fun

Create Kevin & Liz Action Figures!™

Share in the wedding fun by creating these easy Origami Kevin and Liz toys! Use them to visualize the wedding itself, to familiarize yourself with the trademark characteristics of the happy couple, or to play along at home if you can't attend the ceremony. There's no end to the uses of these keepsakes!

To create your own Wedding Fun Kevin & Liz Action Figures!™, simply get two square piece of paper, and follow these directions:

Step 1
Fold a square piece of paper so that the edge AB extends over as far as the center line AC as shown in Fig. 2.

Step 2
Do the same with AD in order to get Fig. 3.

Step 3
Fold along MN so that point C is over and above points B and D. See Fig. 4.

Step 4
Turn the paper over and fold back MN along XY (about two-fifths of the way up, see Fig. 5).

Step 5
Fold points M and N forward along AY and AX so as to overlap each other as in Fig. 7

Step 6
Complete the Kevin Action Figure™ by drawing in Kevin's trademark characteristics! (We suggest sports shorts, big grin, tuxedo shirt (blue), and a loop of paper-clip as an earring!)

Step 7
To create a Liz Action Figure™, repeat steps 1-6 (with a different piece of paper, naturally). Fold back the top of the head as shown in Fig. 9.

Step 8
Complete the Liz Action Figure™ by drawing in Liz's trademark characteristics! (We suggest short blond hair, big smile, pearl necklace, and strapless blue dress.)

Now you can play along with Liz and Kevin's marriage! If you cannot attend the wedding, we suggest that you recreate the ceremony using your new Kevin & Liz Action Figures!™ Keep your eyes on this website for details and descriptions!

Did you enjoy making your Kevin & Liz Action Figures?™ Should someone you know be immortalized as an Action Figure? Send all comments and suggestions to the brother of the groom:

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