Photo Gallery

The first of the wedding photos are in! (Aunt) Val Johnson sent in a set, featuring Cake Cutting, Dancing, Wedding Prep, and more, thanks Aunt Val!

As more photos are received, they will be added! If you have photos you'd like to have added to the site, please contact Chris Hass,, to make arrangements to have your photos scanned and added to the site.

Wedding Photos

  • From the camera of Val Johnson
    Including: cutting the cake, receiving line, dancing, Johnsons: Janet, Carrie, Drew, Greg, Garrett, David, Lib, Val, Carol-Kay, Ashley; Mary-Beth, Chris Lane, the Hasses, the Women of Randolph Macon, Maid of Honor and Bride, and of course, Kevin and Liz!

Wedding Shower photos

A wedding shower for Liz took place on November 29th, at the Hass household in Westford, Mass. She was surrounded by family friends, subjected to bizarre rituals and showered with gifts. But don't take our word for it! We have photographic evidence!

While we know you have a deep interest in all the photos, we also recognize that you're a well-meaning but very busy person. For this reason we have provided two sets of wedding shower photos:

Wedding Shower video

Our good friend and videographer, Bob Pariseau offered to videotape the wedding shower, and kindly edited it into a 1/2 hour juggernaut of tear-inducing shared memories. If you would like to see or own the video, please drop Kevin's Mom, Barbara, an email: We'll drop it in the mail and send it to you! (All we ask in return is that you be ready to send it back to us when you're finished with it, or pass it along to the next requestor.) If you would like to own a copy, just say so, and we'll arrange to have a copy made and sent to you.

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