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Val Johnson's Photos of Kevin & Liz's Wedding

Kevin and Liz's Aunt Val Johnson kindly provided these wonderful photos. Thanks Aunt Val! Click on any photo to see an enlargement of it.

450 x 168
The rehearsal dinner was an unparalleled chance to hear stories of Kevin and Liz's impact on our lives.

250 x 245
Liz and the Best Maid of Honor, ever.

400 x 342
Janet (daughter of Phil and Carol Kay Johnson), her son Garrett, brother Drew and Drew's girlfriend Ashley.

200 x 346
Have dress will travel!

300 x 172
You'd never believe Dennis had never worn a tux before, he donned it like a charm! (With just a bit of assistance.)

300 x 472
Brother of the groom, Chris, and his stunning girlfriend, Katherine share a giggly moment.

237 x 350
Friends and family wait for the ceremony to start.

300 x 275
Usher and groomsman Chris Lane leads a passel of Johnsons to their seats. (In the foreground: Lib, Greg. In the background, David, who is Greg's father and Lib's son.)

250 x 189
Long-time friends Carol Kay Johnson and Barbara Hass "rose" to the occasion. Carol Kay is a Godparent to Kevin, Barbara is his mom.

250 x 303
Cutting the cake. Awww!

260 x 188
Cutting the cake, a table-eye view.

290 x 237
The consequences of cake cutting have never been clearer. What a mess!

300 x 172
The K-Crew out for a stroll after the wedding. (Palpable relief, anyone?)

300 x 185
The most diminutive member of the wedding guests, Garrett (grandson of Carol Kay and Phil, son of Janet and Gary), shares some advice with the happy couple: "Never leave your teddy bear unattended."

300 x 450
This moment speaks for itself- what a grin!

250 x 166
As the clock ticks and the moment nears, Kevin dons a tux (who'da thunk it?) and gives Mom a squeeze.

250 x 190
Liz and Kevin in the receiving line, Ashley in the foreground.

400 x 278
Aunt Lib and Uncle David cut a rug (among others: Mary Beth, Liz's mom is just over Lib's shoulder).

350 x 276
Liz surrounded by Randolph Macon friends at the reception.

350 x 428
Mom and Dad share a shmooze on the dance floor.

300 x 164
Sleepy, but deeply content.

300 x 241
Val Johnson and Chris after the wedding: it's really over?!

If you have photos or stories you'd like to share, please contact or mail them to Chris at his work address (more reliable): Harvard Medical School, 333 Longwood Ave, Suite 640, Boston, MA 02115.

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