Haiku Contest
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We are hoping that you can reach deep within yourself to find the inner poet we all know is there and write some Lil' Overcash Haiku. Prizes will be awarded for best, worst, and funniest haiku!

Send your Lil' Overcash haiku to: mjovercash@earthlink.net.

Lil' Overcash Haiku

Here is the new one.
Here are the loving old ones.
Here is everything.
-- Jill Soulen

Gripping my finger -
How I love the feel of you,
Ethan Overcash
-- Tomm Lorenzin

Precious baby boy
Linking friends and family
Celebrating you!!!
-- Barbara Hass

Waiting a long time,
Wondering who it might be,
Surprise; it was you!!
-- Dennis Hass

The Ultrasound
Sound waves show us you -
Silent movements, tiny hands.
Soon we'll hear you breathe.
-- Marc

Together we reach -
Your feet press against our hands.
May we stay so close.
-- Marc

What is a haiku?

As you may know, Haiku has been used for centuries to illustrate a single poignant moment or thought experienced by a traveler and is characterized by three lines of poetry with 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively. Haiku can be humorous, and often features a description of a single sound, moment, or emotion.

Three miles and shin splints.
An hour standing and aching.
Son, get your mom's feet.
-- Marc

Frances has a glow.
More proof that archivists know
How to store things well.
-- Chris

Mighty baby kick!
Frances suspects Marc snuck in
A tiny keyboard.
-- Chris