We had a baby boy on October 8th, 2003! Keep an eye on this website to see pictures, stories, and much more! Want to contribute to this website? Send Marc an email.
Frances and Ethan
Frances and Ethan
Go Sox!
Go Sox!
Good lungs
Closeup photo of Frances and Marc smiling

October 8th, 2003, 4 PM, EST

Ethan Atticus Overcash was born today at 11 AM, weighing in at 8 lbs., 0.6 oz., and 19 inches long!

Frances is resting fine. Ethan proved to the whole nursery that he's got an impressive set of lungs by making an initial fuss, then settling down to sleep. It's a little hard to tell, but we think he may have blue eyes.

Check out the new pictures of Ethan's first days.

-- Marc and Frances

October 6th, 2003

Hey everyone. Thank you for visiting our son's site. We'll try and keep the site current with photos for the first month or two.

It's two days before he's to be born (we're having a C-section). We have narrowed the names down to three (Benjamin Arthur, Thomas Henry, and Ethan Atticus).

We've had a few ultrasounds done so we're certain it's a boy. Really, he's a boy. We saw all four chambers of his heart. Actually, it's interesting that we've seen his heart beating before we've seen his smile.

Thanks for everyone and their support! We'll keep you updated!

-- Marc and Frances

Sketch of an elephant

Haiku Contest
September, 2003

We are hoping that you can reach deep within yourself to find the inner poet we all know is there and write some Ethan Overcash Haiku. Send your haiku to: mjovercash@earthlink.net

Here are some sample haiku from friends and family to get you started:

Here is the new one.
Here are the loving old ones.
Here is everything.
-- Jill Soulen

Gripping my finger -
How I love the feel of you,
Ethan Overcash
-- Tomm Lorenzin

Precious baby boy
Linking friends and family
Celebrating you!!!
-- Barbara Hass

Waiting a long time,
Wondering who it might be,
Surprise; it was you!!
-- Dennis Hass

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Baby News

M&F Measuring up

  • Ethan proved quite photogenic in his ultrasound scans, as Marc will proudly attest to. He's been carrying the photos around in his breast pocket for weeks.

  • We are hoping that you will contribute to this website!

Ethan's First Reading List

We're blessed to live in a family of book-readers! Ethan's First Library is receiving many generous donations. This made us wonder, what books would you recommend to new parents? Now is your chance to suggest a book that you find moving or fun. Remember to tell us why you like the book!

Got Quotes?

What's the best quote you ever ran into? What would you have lil' Overcash make sure to do as he grows up? You can share your favorite quotes.