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reverend lynn m. brodie
Officiating for the wedding was Katherine's cousin Lynn, who is a Unitarian Universalist minister. Katherine and Chris were present at Lynn's ordination a few years ago, and are honored by Lynn's participation. Lynn, her husband Mark, and their sons Adam and Ben travelled from Minnesota to join in the wedding. A veteran ping-pong player, Mark is a college professor of mathematics. A talent for music runs deeply in the family- Mark and Adam play classical piano, and Ben plays the violin.

bridal party

bride - katherine guilbault
groom - christopher hass
maid of honor - elisabeth r. guilbault
best man - kevin hass
mother of the bride - jeannine l. guilbault
father of the bride - paul r. guilbault
grandmother of the bride - memere proulx
mother of the groom - barbara e. r. hass
father of the groom - dennis c. hass


ken and linda o'bannon
College friends of Barbara and Dennis Hass, Ken and Linda have watched over, visited, corresponded with, and shared a love for "Wonder Woman" TV reruns with Chris since he was born.

paul and elaine proulx
Brother to Jeannine Guilbault, Paul has known Katherine since she was born, and he and his wife Elaine have provided guidance, tummy-pleasing cooking, and board-game opponents over the years.

readers, musicians and singers

maurice cahen
Maurice's classical guitar and jazz improvisations provided the primary music for the wedding ceremony and the cocktail hour. Maurice studied music in the US and Paris and teaches at the Winchester Community Music School, as well as the Powers Music School. He has performed with Tonya Miller for years as part of a jazz duo. For booking information, send an email to:

gretchen grozier

Improbably discovered via David Tweedie, Gretchen is not only a true friend, but unparalleled in her knowledge of Boston's historical landmarks. We say improbably because when Chris graduated from college, Gretchen's roommate was Ann Tweedie who was Chris' college roommate, Dave Tweedie's sister. One day when Dave was visiting their Cambridge apartment, Chris met Gretchen, and they've been friends ever since.

Gretchen is tireless in her efforts to make the world a better place and works for Childrens Services of Roxbury, a community-based, multi-service private child welfare agency. Active in the state legislative circles, she often influences state policy to safeguard the rights of underserved communities, foster children, and those in need. She once bicycled the 300-mile Boston to New York AIDS ride with only a week's training.

In her "spare" time Gretchen is a volunteer tour guide at the Boston Public Library and for Boston By Foot. At BBF she has attained a leadership role, designing tours and training new recruits. If you're in the Boston area, we highly recommend you join one of her walking tours, especially the "Beacon Hill with a Boo" tour on Halloween! (She's on the lookout for the perfect dress to disguise herself as Boston's famed "Debutante Murderer." Anyone with a high-society gown to loan, please let us know!)

liz hass
Singer, French-speaker, and board-game farmer extrordinaire, Liz has a laugh that makes the angels smile, and is married to Kevin, Chris' best man. Hailing from way over yonder in Washington State, Liz attended Randolph Macon Women's College in Lynchburg, VA- the very same college Barbara and Dennis taught at when Kevin was born! How Kevin managed to snare a Randolph Macon gal over a decade after he moved away from Lynchburg, remains a mystery, but is one of those happy coincidences that continues to enrich our lives.

tonya miller
A true friend and a continually evolving musician, Tonya performed for Katherine and Chris' first dance. Tonya and Chris first met in 1995 at Education Development Center, Inc. where they both worked.

Tonya has a background in classical jazz, taught herself Web development, and now writes and performs her own music in the Boston/Cambridge area. She recently released her first CD: Keyhole. You can learn more about Tonya and order a CD from her website. For booking information, send an email to:

marc overcash

Since adopting Chris at Davidson College, Marc and his wife, Frances have served as playmates, mentors, and friends. As head of the Davidson College computer labs, Marc spent serious sweat-equity ferreting out where Chris and his cronies were stashing computer games on the college network, and trying to stamp out "Spectre parties" when he sensed they were brewing. Ironically, years later, as Chris' manager at the Harvard Medical School Internet Technologies Group, Marc was instrumental in acquiring dedicated server space for network gaming in order to promote "staff stress-relief." Chris considers this evidence of Marc's continued evolution as a balanced human being.

Marc is in the process of writing an astoundingly good fantasy novel based in an imaginary medieval time. Those of us who have seen drafts wish he would finish the story soon because we're dying to know what happens!

A boss Chris could take a bullet for and a friend of infinite jest, Marc was instrumental in organizing the bachelor party, digitizing photographs for display at the cocktail hour, and generally keeping Chris and Katherine on track. Marc once moved a clothes dryer up six flights of stairs before realizing it was inexplicably full of cinderblocks, but please don't hold that against him.

frances overcash

The other (and arguably cuter) half of the heartfelt entity that is Marc and Frances, Frances is a college friend, a trusted mentor, a fine artist, a renowned archivist and posessor of a secret-weapon-scowl so terrible to behold Chris has made it his life's mission never to incur it. From their meeting at Davidson College, Marc and Frances were married, and later moved to the Boston area while Frances attended Simmons College and later served as an archivist for MIT (yachts), the state of Massachusetts (court trial evidence), and the sole archivist for Boston Children's Hospital (historical records). Little did we know before the wedding that her skills had been honed for the sole purpose of creating the photographic displays seen during the cocktail hour. We're not sure what she's going to do now that the wedding is over, but given her facility with painting, we're certain she'll be just fine.

At a loss for words to describe these two wonderful people, we resort to the woefully inadequate: "there is none finer." Feel free to bug them.

dave tweedie

Dave provided fiddle accompanyment to Lis' singing "Simple Gifts" during the wedding ceremony and set toes a'tappin' during the reception with his special blend of bluegrass music.

What most folks won't know is that Dave and Lis bumped into each other about fifteen minutes before the ceremony, and their duet was an impromptu arrangement! (Lis had planned on singing the song a capella.) The song Dave performed at the reception, "June Apple," was a wink to Chris, who had heard it more than once as Dave perfected his technique at Davidson College.

Dave and Chris were roommates for two creative and surreal years at Davidson College, and have been friends ever since. Dave is a writer, singer, sometime anthropologist, and professional fiddler with the Ocrakoke, NC-based band Molasses Creek. The band was a second-place finalist in the Prairie Home Companion "Towns Under Two Thousand" contest, and has many CDs for sale on their website. Dave is also a co-founder of the Ocrafolk Music and Storytelling Festival, now in its third year.

During the Davidson College years, Dave had the single most unique "Spectre" strategy on record. By placing all his tank's strength into speed points and none into armor, he was able to stop in front of opponents, let them shoot at him, then literally outrun their bullets with complete (and incredibly annoying) impunity. While he couldn't in turn shoot anyone without getting plastered, he nonetheless spent his time happily humming past his fellow gamers, six or seven bullets in tow, whistling a foot-tappin' tune. This is further evidence that there is no situation from which Dave will not emerge without a completely orthagonal observation that is both endlessly creative and damned funny. Dave is the sole guardian of the Carbus Scion of Galatia Prime. He claims its giggling helps him sleep.


todd armstrong

Friend, college neighbor to Chris and recent arrival to Boston, Todd puts his PhD in cell biology to use by being a patent lawyer. Thankfully he hasn't minded our taking advantage of his extensive home-restoration skills since our move to Arlington.

The first to offer to lend a hand and the last one to leave when the work's done, Todd has proven himself to be more than just the killer Bakashah player everone knew him to be.

During the "Davidson" years, Todd lived nearby, next-door or just down the hall from Chris, which enabled them to make Chris' father's deeply held fear that his son would fritter away uncountable hours playing cards a reality. Not to mention the computer games, the network games, the console games. . .

Even as you read this, Todd is wishing you would be the fourth for bridge.

adam brodie
The taller half of the galaxy-dominating video-game and musical virtuoso duo of The Brothers Brodie, Adam is the son of Lynn and Mark Brodie, and Katherine's patrilinear cousin. This suave puzzler kindly volunteered to usher in guests and distribute programs.
ben brodie
The shorter half of the galaxy-dominating video-game and musical virtuoso duo of The Brothers Brodie, Ben is the son of Lynn and Mark Brodie, and Katherine's patrilinear cousin. This roguish soccer player recently adopted a Mohawk hairdo as a stylish counterpoint to his ever-present violin. He kindly volunteered to usher in guests and distribute programs.
trish dearing
Adventurer, writer, photographer, and intrepid lavender procurer, Trish met Chris during their joint imprisionment at EDC where they were employed in 1998. She is an incomparable email wit, and has the innate ability to precisely mimic the voice of anyone, which makes her especially fun to have read you a story because she does all the voices.

During a recent trip to South Africa, where she spent a year serving as a live-in assistant for disabled youths and adults on a farm collective, Trish oversaw the planting, tending, and harvesting of the lavender used in the wedding ceremony. While she and hew crew prepared and dried the lavender, she spoke to her charges about Chris and Katherine, and her hopes for their happy union. Over time, the lavender crew began spinning their own yarns about what Chris and Katherine were like, and what happy times they would have after the wedding. The hours they spent tending the lavender turned into heartfelt storytelling sessions where each person expressed their hopes and happy thoughts. Through her characteristic creativity, Trish brought not only happy wedding memories but was able to enrich the lives of her charges.
susan fondy
World traveller and patrilinear cousin to Katherine, Susan may have stories about Katherine's childhood. Susan is a travelling doctor, a job she refers to as a "medical temp." Filling in for pediatric physicians needing extended leaves of absence, Susan excels at diving in to unidentified pediatric conditions and emerging with the correct diagnosis. She shares her exploits with a well-travelled 13 year-old cat.
greg johnson
A lifeling friend and matrilinear cousin to Chris, Greg is a pilot, a marathoner, a newly-minted husband and keeper of the world's most active cat: Simba. Simba possesses the innate ability to be attached to every surface present in a room simultaneously. (Simba and Katherine were forced to come to an arrangement some months ago when Katherine discovered Simba attached to her eyebrow.) For years Greg has been responsible for the FedEX packages passing through Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Having recently switched jobs, however, we're pretty sure your FedEx packages will never arrive. Through a breakdown in communication, Greg wasn't informed of his usher status until the day of the wedding, a situation he handled with characteristic ease. Greg is easily identified by the Sony camcorder attached to his right eye.
angela mandalfino
Friend, triathlete, and sometime secret envoy to the Vatican, this Arizona native stumbled over Katherine at Connecticut College and they've been fast friends ever since. Anyone who can convince Angela to stay in New England wins our everlasting gratitude. And a shiny penny.
daniel proulx
Katherine's matrilinial cousin, outdoorsman, and prospective X Games gold-medalist. Daniel is sometimes seen in the company of a smiling elf known as "Memere."
ann tweedie
Anthropologist, friend, and creator of signs, Ann's handiwork hangs in some of America's finest museums. A social anthropologist with a PhD from Harvard University, Ann's thesis, her first book, has just been published as: Drawing Back Culture, The Makah Tribe's Struggle for Repatriation and is available from Based on field research she conducted during time spent living with the Makah Tribe (in Washington State), the book provides an inside look at the tribe's struggle to understand the role ownership of cultural objects plays in light of Congressional legislation designed to return items of cultural significance to indigenous tribes. As one of her thesis proofreaders, Chris can attest to Ann's fascinating and insightful approach, and the excellent punctuation throughout.

"in" references

roger miller
While this country music legend decided not to attend our wedding in person, having died in 1992, nonetheless he was present in spirit. Mainly because simply quoting one of his lyrics is the surest way to get the Guilbault family to start singing. Roger's the only country artist to receive a Tony award (for writing the musical Big River) and his good-humored music has kept the Guilbault family in songs and side-stitches since Katherine and Elisabeth were toddlers.

And who could blame them? Check out these lyrics:

Dang me, dang me
They oughta take a rope and hang me
High from the highest tree
Woman would you weep for me

They say roses are red and violets are purple
Sugar's sweet and so's maple surple
And I'm the seventh out of seven sons
My pappy was a pistol
I'm a son of a gun.

Or how about:

You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd
You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd
You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd
But you can be happy if you've a mind to

All you gotta do, is put your mind to it
Knuckle down, buckle down, do it, do it, do it

To learn more about this remarkable singer, songwriter, TV-host, Broadway performer and writer, vist the Roger Miller website.

One of the early Macintosh videogames, Spectre is a tank game similar to the old Atari game "Battlezone." Spectre was remarkable for it's early use of network capabilities, which allowed players to go head-to-head. The game features a visually simplified environment where player-tanks zoom around a world filled with enormous geometric shapes, trying to get the drop on each other and collecting flags. At the start of each game, players are allowed to customize their tanks by allocating a set number of "points" into each of three catogories: speed, armor, and firepower. Chris and groups of his friends used the Mac labs at Davidson College to play Spectre until spurrious rumors about players bringing pizza to the lab prompted "the Man" to shut down what were referred to as "out-of-control Spectre parties." To this day the players maintain their innocence of all charges.

Make sure to read about Dave Tweedie's incredibly annoying Spectre strategy.

Follow this link to see a screenshot of a Spectre game.

lake webster
One of the Guilbault family's longest running in-jokes is their uncanny ability to prounounce the Indian name of Lake Webster: Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg. Roughly translated, the Nipmuck name of this Massachusetts lake means: "You fish on your side, I'll fish on my side, and no one will fish in the middle."

No wardrobe would be complete without a Lake Webster T-Shirt.

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