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Barbara's Toast

At the rehearsal dinner, Chris' mom took the opportunity to share the following memories of Chris' birth:

"I was so thrilled to have you and spent a lot of time thinking about the special job I had ahead of me in raising you. I bagan to think about what I thought was important to help develop in you; mostly I was bursting with love for my new little one, and I found I had to write about you...this is what came out...without much editing. I remember feeling my wishes for you so strongly, that I wrote this while crying, so moved by the untapped potential I was holding in my arms. Here you were, ready for the world, and I only wanted the best of the world to come to you. I put the paper in a book of some of my writing, and in cleaning up for company for your wedding, I found it the week before. I had no thought of reading it at the rehearsal dinner until I showed it to Kevin, and he was so touched by it, that he insisted I read it. I think what gets my emotions the most, is that the wishes are still values I hold...and the part that strikes me to the core is that you have, indeed, personified my words in every way. That is what got to Kevin. You have become what I wished for you to be. You are a giver;You look for love and joy in your life;you are a loyal friend and loving person. I am very proud to be your Mom!"

Ode to Chris when he was born

A miracle, so small and sweet
With the longest fingers and the cutest feet!
A combination of Den and me
Who changed our thoughts from two to three.
A wonderful son to share our days;
Loved and wanted in a thousand ways.
A lad blessed with serendipity...
Who lives each moment totally free.

How soon do you discover, my son,
That life won't always be such fun?
I wish you had a place to hide
Where problems never came inside.
And yet, that can never be,
For we're from a frail humanity.

I wonder who this person is, that you will come to be,
And if you'll be a "giver" as you cross life's stormy sea?
I pray you find a life of peace--
Contentment that will never cease;
A life that's full of love and joy--
Great hopes for such a tiny boy!

the fight?

Did you know there was a brawl just before the wedding ceremony? We don't know what Ann, Dave, Gretchen and Todd were fighting about, but it was intense! Follow this link to see documented evidence!


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