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thank you

Our wedding wouldn't have been the same wihout the love, support, friendship, and assistance of many people. We are deeply grateful to everyone who helped make our wedding experience perfect.

Our parents, Paul and Jeannine Guilbault and Dennis and Barbara Hass made generous contributions of financial support, time, and effort. In addition, their guidance and patience while Katherine and I were growing up together made this happy day more possible. It is a continuing pleasure to be a part of these two families as they grow closer together.

Rev. Lynn Brodie - It was a great pleasure to have someone Katherine had grown up with to represent our spiritual selves, and to kick us back into play during the ceremony planning process. Thanks for the distances you travelled, and your willingness to listen to us in order to speak so eloquently for us.

Kevin Hass - We called on you time and again to be where we couldn't, to fix things we couldn't, and to serve as shepherd over the guests throughout the wedding experience. It reminded us how much we count on you, and how much we appreciate the gentle, reliable, and loving person you are. Thank you for truly being "best man." (And for making sure Chris didn't lose yet another set of neckties.)

Lis Guilbault - Everything you do is infused with so much heart and hope- it was easy to see that reflected in the wedding shower, in the ways you were there for Katherine during the wedding weekend, and in the days before and since. We are proud to have you stand for us as maid of honor.

Greg - Serving as Lis's other half, thank you for using your great wit and helpful hands on our behalf!

Liz Hass - We wanted to capture the feeling of the love Katherine and I share, as well as the idea of it. Your beautiful voice brought that feeling to exquisite light. The memory of your song in the late-afternoon sunlight will always be one of the most precious of our lives. Thank you.

Patty Mason - Your quiet and endless creativity helped ensure that our wedding memories will always be with us. Many folks won't know that the beautiful shower bouquet you made of ribbon and discarded wrappings included pieces saved from your son's wedding, or that you volunteered to save, dry, and prepare the bride's bouquet and other key wedding flowers as keepsakes for our families to enjoy for years to come. You're the cream in our coffee, and we're lucky and honored to have you in our family.

Tonya Miller - Thank you for lending us your musical soul and for laying to rest the painful times when Katherine and Chris were apart and that song had a much lonelier meaning. Your willingness to support us in song and friendship means the world to us.

Dave Tweedie - It seems odd to thank someone for being who they are, but your musical grace under fire and willingness to leap into our service just reinforces the fact that you are an undeniable talent, and a true friend. We are grateful to have you in our lives.

Gretchen Grozier - During the pre-wedding process we realized that you're filed in our hearts under: "in case of emergency, call Gretchen." Time and again when we needed an extra pair of hands you were there, eternally reliable and always gracious about our invasion of your time and energy. We couldn't have done this without you. We look forward to paying you back with many many years of tea and friendship.

Marc and Frances Overcash - Mentors, friends, people who chase Chris around with Shark-on-a-Stick, how do we measure the impact you've had on us, or express how lucky we consider ourselves to be a part of your lives? Thank you for ensuring that the wedding process held together. And for not throwing Chris in the lake.

Craftspeople - Many of the special items featured in the wedding were hand-made or provided by talented family and friends. These include:

  • Shower favors by Barbara Hass and a team of dedicated paper-assemblers: ...
  • Dinner favors by Barbara Hass and a team of specialists, including...
  • Wedding cake tablecloth by Katherine's Aunt Michelle
  • Wedding cake utensils provided by Patty O'Brien as a shower gift
  • Lavender envelopes filled by
  • Lavender provided by Trish Dearing
  • Photographic displays and digitally-restored photos by Frances and Marc Overcash
  • Everyone who has sent us their photos

The Warren Center for their kindness, creativity, and enthusiasm for making our guests feel comfortable and cared for.

DJ - For scrupulously adhering to our "no chicken dance" dictates, and for selecting a fantastic mix of music to dine and groove to.

Everyone who did NOT throw Chris in the lake - We know how badly you wanted to, and how much you would have enjoyed it. We appreciate your letting Chris exit the weekend with (most of) his dignity intact. We owe you one.


© 2002 Chris and Katherine Hass, all rights reserved.