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star I began CreateWWW in 1998 as a playground for exploring information architecture, interface design and visual design. Over time it has evolved into a showcase for family life and creative notions. ~~ Chris

Photo Musings

While touring Rio de Janeiro, we couldn't help but notice these oversized icons. The KFC-eating Santa was about 20 feet tall, the sandstone Christ statue was about 98 feet high, and the Soda Bottle Santa was about 4 inches "tall" but presumably took a lot of work. So who won the battle for Rio's Spirit of Christmas? We saw more Santas, but Christ was bigger. A toss-up?

Santa with KFC chickenChrist statueSoda bottle Santa

Events and Reflections

Foyer Renovation

Foyer Renovation

February 7, 2005

There's a fine line between "quick renovation" and "cautionary tale." Which will we turn out to be? Check out our foyer renovation photos and place your bets!

Chris in Snow

The Blizzard of '05

January 22-23, 2005

This winter we received a more than generous helping of snowfall. On the weekend of January 22-23 we found ourselves amidst over 28" of snow! Katherine's blizzard photos provide a few snapshots of our experience.

Copacabana Beach & Sugarloaf

Rio de Janeiro

December 8-12, 2004

This winter I was invited to present at the Designing for the 21st Century conference in Rio de Janeiro. While there Katherine and I were able to see some of the sights. The day we got to roam the furthest was rainy, but we feel it leant our trip photos a unique gravitas.

Mars over Boston

Mars Night

August 27, 2003

On the night Mars came the closest it has come to the Earth in 50,000 years, five thousand Bostonians crowded the Boston Museum of Science roof to see it. My mars photos aren't perfect, but they were fun to take.

Sunset Cruise

A First for Us

July 25-28, 2003

Katherine and I celebrated two things in July: our first wedding anniversary, and the fact that after 16 years of knowing each other we have an official anniversary! We spent a relaxing weekend at the Eden Pines Inn, Rockport, MA. View vacation photos.