Services Overview

I have been a UX researcher, strategist, and business development specialist for twenty years. My consulting work incorporates a broad array of industries including automotive, banking, consumer, education, engineering, financial, FinTech, government, healthcare, insurance, media, online, pharmaceutical, retail, technology, telecommunications, and not-for-profit verticals.

I’m committed to helping you envision, evaluate, and build products and services that reflect human-centered design best practices and that exceed business goals. Towards this end, I offer a variety of proven techniques and capabilities as described below.

In addition to these, the most interesting project or technique may be one that hasn’t been invented yet! I enjoy collaborating to envision new approaches for bringing impactful order to challenging and complex interaction and product/service design opportunities.


Orienteering and Strategy

A seasoned, collaborative outside perspective can be invaluable for helping your organization figure out what to do next, understand “Design Thinking,” or apply human-centered design practices to your organization and your customers’ best advantage. I can help you take an unbiased look at your organization’s goals, processes, and products for the purposes of road mapping pathways to success. Specific services include:


  • Human-Centered Design and User Experience Needs Assessment
  • Strategy / Activity Road mapping
  • Statement of Work development
  • Tactical Consultant Team Building


Benchmarking and Validation

Usability and user-needs research studies are mainstays of successful human-centered products and services. I draw upon decades of experience to design and execute un-biased and highly effective research activities across the spectrum of techniques. I’ve conducted research across product types: mobile applications, websites, software, medical devices, assistive technologies, automotive head units, human services, and more. Conducting research with assistive technology users and persons with disabilities is a specialty. My research techniques include, but are not limited to:


  • Ethnographic research
  • Focus Groups
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Heuristic Evaluations (Expert Review)
  • Lab- and field-based usability research
  • User Needs Research
  • Usability and Accessibility Testing
  • Usability Techniques (affinity diagraming, card sorts, content audits, persona generation, journey mapping, taxonomy definition, wireframing)


Business Development Consulting

A significant portion of my career has involved business development activities that have brought millions of dollars to the consultancies I’ve worked with. As a result, I’ve come to enjoy not only advocating for UX and human-centered design practices, but identifying clients, managing client accounts, helping clients to define activity approaches, and representing UX and human-centered design perspectives in meetings and at conferences for clients who have nascent (or no) internal capabilities in these areas. Specific skills include:


  • Account Direction
  • Client Management
  • Grant Writing
  • Lead Generation
  • Relationship Building
  • Statement of Work / Contract Writing
  • UX Representation



Far from being a solo operator, I greatly enjoy crafting collaborative engagements that bring your innovators, teams, and core constituents together in systematic ways. I can collaborate with you to plan and facilitate a wide variety of engagement types, including:


  • Collaborative Design Sessions
  • Design Studios
  • Focus Groups
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Research Moderation
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Training / Workshops


Thought Leadership

Shared knowledge is essential to success. I am a frequent guest lecturer to graduate and undergraduate university programs, a national and international presenter at industry conferences, and have given several hundred talks, trainings, and workshops on a wide variety of strategic and tactical topics. I am available to speak to audiences from the “trenches” of research, design, and development work, to board rooms and the “ivory towers” of academia.


  • Talks
  • Training / Workshops